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COVID-19 and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What is killing COVID-19 patients?

A primary culprit is pulmonary edema — a buildup of fluid in the lungs that prevents oxygen from entering the bloodstream. Without intervention, patients may suffocate or drown.
In severe cases of COVID-19, patients are put on ventilators, devices that move breathable air in and out of the lungs. But if a patient’s lungs are full of fluid, even ventilated oxygen may not be adequate to sustain life. In such situations, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may be useful as it dissolves oxygen directly into the bloodstream. With HBOT, it is possible to increase the blood’s oxygen concentration by more than 1,500%. This can be achieved in a safe, non-invasive manner in a short period of time, with very few contraindications and possible side effects associated with the procedure. Use of HBOT for COVID-19 is considered off-label, but it has been used in China with coronavirus patients and was used to treat Spanish flu patients in the early 1900s.


HBOT triggers hundreds of cellular responses that may be beneficial to COVID-19 patients, including:

  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Reducing edema 
  • Oxygenating body tissues
  • Protecting healthy cells from apoptosis (self-destruction)
  • Triggering growth of new blood vessels
  • Boosting the immune system

It’s easy to connect the dots and see how HBOT may be helpful as a treatment for the virus. There are studies underway to test the effectiveness of HBOT on COVID-19. Please contact us to learn if HBOT could be an effective therapy for you or a loved one.
Please note: I am not a physician and this information should not be considered medical advice. It is intended for educational purposes only.

Phil Rainey
Owner, Hyperbarics of Sun Valley

COVID-19 and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

In an article from the CEO of Extivita-RTP:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can destroy harmful bacteria and viruses, while enhancing the body’s natural defenses. We propose HBOT for high risk, early stage COVID-19 patients, recommending this novel use of pressure and oxygen based on its low risk and potentially lifesaving benefits, as well as its availability in hospitals and free-standing clinics nationwide.


Demonstration report on inclusion of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in treatment of COVID-19 severe cases

In a brief by the Naval Specialty Medical Center Program Team: 

Clinical reports and pathologic anatomic findings shown, progressive hypoxemia is the main cause of deterioration in patients with COVID-19.”The mortality rate of critical patients in WuHan is close to 60%, and we are trying to solve the problem of hypoxia,” Zhong Nanshan said on 27th Feb. HBOT is the strongest non-invasive oxygen therapy. In the early stage, 5 cases of severe and critical patients with COVID-19 a were clinically treated, which proved that the long-term excellent clinical effect of using HBOT in treating hypoxia was also applicable to COVID-19 patients. The effect of HBOT is better than breathing atmospheric high flow oxygen and mechanical ventilation techniques. It is suggested that promote HBOT as an oxygen therapy treatment for critically ill patients with COVID-19, which is expected to significantly improve the treatment efficiency, reduce the medical pressure and the risk of infection, and decrease the mortality rate of critical patients. It has practical significance for further accelerating the overall victory of this epidemic, achieving the most effective treatment and realizing infection prevention control.